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  • I would recommend JH Elliott's Empires of the Atlantic World as a good book to ask this question about the English and the Spanish styles of colonization. Certainly, a lot of the negative perceptions of Spanish rule, known as the Black Legend, were perpetrated by the English themselves to elevate their own society and demonize their competitor. Lost in this, I think, are some of the strengths of Spanish rule. In both situations, Native Americans lost out...but history, as always, is not quite black and white.
  • Don't stew. Just start asking questions that you truly don't know the answer to. Your entry sounded like you were thinking of your completed LCP. This isn't a package that you wrap up neatly with a bow, it's a package that you start unwrapping and you don't know what's inside until you do it! :-)
  • Mark,
    It's good to hear from you. I have started working on my LCP and posted more info on my blog today. Most of my time teaching is spent with my Pre-K through 3rd grade students, so teaching history is extremely flexible for me. I also spend about an hour a day with my Middle and High school students. I have found that none of my students have a very good understanding of native people in Alaska, so I keep finding myself drawn to teaching them about Alaska. I am not sure if I am following the LCP properly, but I am developing my first project around native story telling. It is interesting and fun. Let me know what direction you head in. I am curious about what other students in our class are working on. My husband, Ryan, is also in this class, but he has been swamped with work and may not work on this first project.
    Good Luck!
  • Semper Historia, Mark!!! I'm glad to know that you appreciate the community of practice that we're trying to develop, and very glad that your energy is part of it...
  • That is EXACTLY what I believe: geography is a perspective. It is what makes you you-----unless you are military and then you have no real sense of place. Can I go so far as saying that military people have less of a sense of the earth and the environment because of moving all the time? Hmmmm. That might be a stretch.
  • Hi Mark,
    Yes, I know Lindsey! She actually babysat my kids long ago...taught her younger sister, our parents worked together, and now she is my middle child's language arts teacher and Kodiak High School...doing well, I might add! Thanks for making that connection! Teri
  • What school are you at Mark?
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