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reply to NHD question Mark Biberg

I will be using this next year. The challenge will be to get with my principal and make a proposal to modify the curriculum before the school year starts. I do not think this will be a problem.


What I need to do is go into the Blackboard system and choose a class that I want to embed NHD into. The classes will likely be US history and government.

At that point I will have to choose where the NHD content will fit in best. I am think I may try a few different approaches. For one class, I may just utilize the discussion board and and post instructions for NHD on there.  I will also post my Elluminate address where I will keep office hours to clarify the directions on the DB.


THE second thing is that I may try to integrate the content for NHD into the actual online curriculum. That would mean using Softchalk to create the content, including links, and then uploading it to Blackboard.


Because this will be taught in an online environment, I will have to be sure I test the curriculum from a students perspective to be sure they are geting what they need to participate in NHD.


Now that I have a better idea of what NHD is and have seen a lot of NHD projects, I have confidence that I can teach it to students who are motivated to participate.


Of course I will link the NHD web site (www.nhd.org) as often as I can.



very valuable info and I plan to use it.

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