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  • Are we getting new discussion questions for our last readings? (on immigration)
  • Notice that this GROUP ROOM has both a place called "Discussion Forum" and a place called "Comment Wall". Each serves a different purpose.

    Think of it this way... the Discussion Forum contains all the rooms in the building where topics are being discussed. The comment wall is the front porch of the building.

    So CLICK ON WELCOME and come in to that Discussion room and share your ideas in there!
  • I'm Rwany, a Ph.D. student at George Mason University, and will be assisting the course instructors. Mostly I will pop in and help guide the discussion on the blog, remind you of upcoming class meetings and project due-dates, and assist with record-keeping logistics.
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Parking Lot

If you have a question, comment or suggestion that doesn't fit neatly in any of the other discussion forums in our AHD2 Group room, HERE is the place to share it with us... Don't be shy!

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So What Exactly Do I Have To Do To Complete An LCP?????

I'm hoping this will be an on-going 2 week dialog about how to work through the INQUIRY PROCESS in your classroom in order to complete an LCP.That means no more tasks, just a conversation.  If I were you, I would definitely do this process this first time with me during your a-synchronous meeting time.  (Who knows---I might get a real job one of these days and not be here any more!)  Remember at the end you have to turn in 3 LCPs, so you can toss this first one out if it's no good, or you can…

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