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  • Elizabeth,

    Just in case you don't see the message out on the comment box, I found this beautiful site that shows clearly the moves for the minuet...thought you might like to take a look.  I also found out through this site that the Library of Congress calls the Minuet  Baroque Dancing and maybe that is why I could not find what I was looking for!


  • Thank you Elizabeth!

      What a compliment it is to be told I have "beautiful enthusiasm"!  I'm glad it showed. 

       I have been trying to send you pictures and can see them but not sure you can see them.  Also, am attempting to send you the movies.  If I can't send them now, maybe I can get them on a disc.  Believe me, you'll want to see these. 

        Will definitely look into taking the 4 day class next year... what heaven!!  You've lit a fire!

    Thanks again!


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  • Hi Elizabeth,

         I am horribly embarrassed to admit that I had June 20th in my mind rather than June 2nd.  My other class's paper was due on the 20th and who knows what went on in my mind, but I definitely had it wrong.   I have been thinking about it and how I want to proceed, just had it wrong.  

        I really don't need the credit and I guess what bothers me the most is I haven't been so excited about a class for years!  I've been telling everyone about what I've learned and the connections I've made.     I've just put it off  and just about to get on it when I saw last night that I missed the deadline.  I said bad words.  So didn't even see your post until today.

        So please let me know how to proceed from here.  If it's too late, I certainly understand.   But if not, I can get right on it.

         I do have some wonderful photo's and movies that I took the last day.  I know how to attach photos and definitely want to get the movies to you.  The hip hop movie was a wonderful testament to the power of the class and the willingness of teachers to learn, risk, and grow to reach students.

        So please let me know how to proceed.  I will check daily until I hear from you.



  • Good afternoon!  I'm having trouble with my project.  I want to do something with Constitution day for my kids, and I was thinking of discussing the document and doing some activities.  I can only find one song, and it doesn't have music,...so really it is a poem.  Any suggestions?  Maybe I just need to find a different topic.

    Thanks,  Jennifer

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