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Lesson 6

This was a great lesson!  My class loved it.  We have been discussing families and looked at some different family trees and family pictures.  We titled our poster as "Families Across the Years".  My class came to the conclusion that no matter how a family tree looks that they all show that family is important regardless of what the year is. While the clothing changes and the poses of the families change people find it important to document their families with pictures and in words.The pictures…

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Note from Robyn

Good morning, everyone.I just wanted to leave a few quick notes. I will also be posting these on the group page, but I have to decide where, so that it doesn't get missed. Now that we are into week 2, and everyone has had a chance to break the ice, Carol and I will be easing back just a little. For example, we may not reply to every post by every person. These are discussion forums; just as in a conference, not everyone replies to everybody's comment. One of the exciting features of this format…

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