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Lesson 6

This was a great lesson!  My class loved it.  We have been discussing families and looked at some different family trees and family pictures.  We titled our poster as "Families Across the Years".  My class came to the conclusion that no matter how a family tree looks that they all show that family is important regardless of what the year is. While the clothing changes and the poses of the families change people find it important to document their families with pictures and in words.

The pictures and clothing brought many giggles from my class.  I loved the fact that they tied together the connection between the pictures and written word and how they were both important.  For a kindergarten class this was a huge leap. 

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  • From that age perspective, I think it's fun to show kids how adults weren't always adults. Unlike Athena, we did not spring forth fully grown and ready to take on the world. All adults tell the "When I was a kid..." stories, but it's so fun to watch the kids light up when they see pictorial proof that we were indeed once their size.


  • I am thrilled!  I absolutely love this website and can see so many more early elementary uses than I could before you jumped right in.  Thank your awesome class for us!  Carol

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