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  • Thank you and hope everyone has a good summer!

  • I would love to lay claim to this one, but in chatting with LOC about a few of our road blocks the librarian unlocked the key to another issue...hope it helps!  

    "One caveat, I have found that in some versions of Firefox, the "Page Source" is not in the View menu, but rather under Tools-->Web Developer. Everything else works the same."

  • http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?cwnyhs:1:./temp/~ammem_LrS0::...

  • Patricia Pugh

    Ptarmigan Elementary  5th Grade


    Hello everyone,

    I enjoy teaching fifth grade and especially social studies.  History is so interesting.


  • Lesson Plan: The Constitution: Drafting a more perfect union


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    Thanks, Neva

  • Segue Grant

    Oscarville, AK

    Quqcuun Memorial School

    I teach high school 9-12- all subjects.

    I would like to use primary sources both as a main focus and as a supplementary source depending on what we are doing.  My first year in Oscarville we read Anne Frank and talked about it as a primary source.  They initially thought it was "just" a story.  Since then I have had them read letters from soldiers when we studied the Civil War and that was really interesting to the students. I look forward to learning how to better use primary sources across the curriculum.

  • Hello,

    Please click on 'continue' above to enter the discussion forum for introductions. Some of you posted here on comments before the discussion was started, but there are a few more questions there for you to consider. In the meantime, here is the link to a blog post from the LoC on searching digital resources:


  • Hi all I am Marshall Pickens and I teach at East High.  My normal slate of classes include U.S. History, World History, and Alaska Studies.  I can't wait to get started with this class.

  • Hi, my name is Erin Peterson and I am currently teaching music at College Gate Elementary.  I love incorporating music and social studies, so I am very excited about taking this class and learning more about how I can integrate these two important subjects.  Cheers!

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FInal Class Reflections

This is your reflection so you can reply as you wish.If you kept a journal, you can share from those thoughts if you wish - or consider and address any or all of the following:Time to process informationTIme to apply new informationWas their new information that you will continue to useThank you for enrolling in this class. I hope that the work we did here will serve you and your students long into the future.Neva

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To review:AMERICAN MEMORY items:Go to VIEW, go to Page SourceScroll down to see "Permanent URL"Copy and paste into your ARS to be able to find your source.PRINTS and PHOTOGRAPHSLook under the thumbnail you wish to use,Use the url found in that spot.NewspapersLook below the image of the newspaper page to find"Permanent Link"

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Reflections on Inquiry-Based Learning

Review two or more of the four handouts:Dual InquiryStipling Model of InquiryLessons of Powerful Learning (How we learn)Analyzing Primary Sources Teacher's GuideIf prompts are helpful, here are a few suggestions:Have you integrated Inquiry Method into your teaching?Which model do you see as useful to you?How does an awareness of yourself as a Teacher Learner improve your teaching?

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