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  • Hello all,

    In case you are wondering, I am in the midst of grading and expect to have your grades by tomorrow. I also have some suggestions for improving some of your lesson plans and will send those out to you individually.

    Thank you for your patience. I had to make an unexpected trip out of town for a few days shortly after the conclusion of our class and am still regrouping.


  • Women’s Suffrage: For and Against


  • Women’s Suffrage: For and Against

  • ARS Saturnino

    Resources in Alaska

    ARS_Saturnino Resources in Alaska.doc

  • Well Nela,

    I so hope this works!  Please let me know if you can read this file.  It isn't loading in a manner that I am accustomed to!  Thank you so much.  Have a great summer!  Judy

    ARS  Morookian

    Maritime Pioneers

    Maritime Pioneers.doc

  • ARS Koester

    Early Westward Movement


  • ARS/Sims

    Analyzing Primary and Secondary sources using Civil War 

    ARS_Civil War_Sims.doc

  • Teaching How to Access Primary Images Using Library of Congress/Civil War


  • ARSTunleyDaymude

    Cave Art: Pictographs

    Also Attached: Lascaux Cave Brochure (PDF file)


  • Daw

    Inventions & Inventors


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