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Welcome to class.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself. Please tell us what and where you teach, why you chose to take this class and what you hope to get out of it. Please also take a moment to answer the following question -

In the past people identified themselves with their peers by where they were when. For example, "Where were you when you heard the news about Pearl Harbor?" or "Where were you when you heard that Kennedy had been shot?" Identify one event that stands out in your life as one of those moments and tell a little bit about why.

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  • My name is Gabrielle Whitfield and I taught high school orchestra for 9 years in ASD. Last year was my first year as a classroom music teacher at Northwood Elementary. I am interested in this class because I wanted to increase my knowledge of good dances for the music classroom. I also like the idea of presenting short historical activities/lectures to accompany classroom music activities.

    One event that stands out in my life is 9/11. I was attending college as a music education major at the University of Northern Colorado when 9/11 occurred. That morning, I was sitting in an educational psychology class. A classmate walked in and told me that explosions had occurred at the World Trade Centers and Pentagon. My teacher turned on the news and we watched for about 5 minutes as a class. He then shut off the TV and resumed class as if nothing had happened. My subsequent classes were canceled that day. When we saw the professor the following week, he apologized for not addressing the incident better in class. He said he was so stunned that the event just didn't register for him until later.
  • My name is John Cleveland and I am the Band Teacher at Gruening Middle School.  I took this class to enhance my teaching skills as a band director and for teacher recertification credits.  I hope to gain historical knowledge and ways to implement that knowledge into future lesson plans. 

    The morning of Sept. 11, 2001, I was jolted out of a sleepy slumber to learn of the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City.  I remember thinking that we are still so vulnerable here in America, even with the strongest military in the world.  I also remember how angry I was at the perpetrators. 

  • Hi!  My name is Bonnie Palach.  I was born in Sandstone, MN, but moved to Alaska with my family in 1965.  I love living and teaching here.  I teach at the Newcomers' Center which is part of ASD and located at Wendler Middle School.  I was a tutor for 5 years before getting a teaching position at the Newcomers' Center.  It was/is my dream job.  I work with new immigrants and refugees.  My morning students are 6th and 7th graders.  The afternoon students are 9-12.  Talk about transitioning each day!  It's fun.  I teach English and Social Studies (that includes Geography, Early American History, and Alaska Studies).  I'm most interested in Language Acquisition and Development.  I've learned to incorporate a lot of art and music in my classes.  I'm currently trying to incorporate more technology in the class.  I enjoy the ideas in this class, because they are engaging activities that are multimedia.  I also love the dances...even with my two left feet!!  Hahaha!  I love having more resources to use with the students.  It truly brings history alive!

    One of the important events that I can remember is watching the moon landing.  My mom called my brother and I into the living room insisting that we watch TV.  The three of us sat in front of our little, black and white TV watching the astronauts landing on the moon.  I have to admit my memory of this event is somewhat fuzzy, because I didn't completely understand the significance at the time.  I knew, however, that it had to be something important, because my mother never called us in to watch TV!   I also remember the sense of anticipation and awe.

  • My name is Kathryn.  I retired from ASD as a music educator four years ago, have done some long term subbing, and therefore decided to renew my certification one more time! 

    As a junior in high school I was sitting in study hall when it was announced that JFK had been shot.  Everyone in the school was in shock, many in tears, as we all listened to the radio for updates.  It wasn't long before we learned that he had not survived.  Particularly unsettling was that the sky was dark and ominous with a midwest storm brewing.  It just added to the oppressive mood.

  • Hello, My name is Melodie Bear.  I teach 5th and 6th grade at North Star Elementary.  We loop with our students.  I took this class because music really resinates  with people in general, but especially with students.  I use music in my history lessons and it never fails to grab their interest.

    A moment in history that stands out for me was the moon walk.  I was a kid down at Clam Gulch commercial fishing with my family that summer.  I remember sitting in my mom's car and listening to it on the radio as we had no electricity on the beach. It was cold and rainy outside.  I wasn't happy about having to sit in the car, but my mom was so glued to the radio that even then I realized this had to be a huge moment in history.

  • I teach a fifth/sixth grade class at Chugach Optional Elementary along with two other 5/6 teachers. We get our fifth graders back the next year as sixth graders and only get half a class new. This next school year we will be teaching fifth grade American History, so I am happy to be learning how to incorporate dance and music through this content.

    I remember watching the moon landing with my family on a black and white T.V. Mostly, I remember how excited everyone was.

  • Hi, I'm Matt Spence. I just finished my first year as a real teacher. I taught fifth grade at Rilke German immersion school. Next year I'll still be at Rilke, but in the middle school. I'm taking this class because I love music and dance, and I hope to share this passion with my students.

    Where was I when...
    I was living in the woods with a bunch of hippies contemplating the meaning of life and civilization. I drove into Tallahassee to get some supplies. It was just a day or two after George W Bush was inaugurated. On the news it told that the US had bombed Baghdad with no explanation and that dale Earnhardt had died in a fiery car wreck. I decided to return to the woods. Less than a week later I could see a space shuttle lifting off. That was pretty cool.
  • My name is Matthew Anderson and I teach classroom music and middle school choir at Northern Lights ABC.  I teach private music lessons on percussion and I also lead worship at University Baptist Church.  I am taking this for continuing education and I hope I will be able to use some of the ideas from the class for next year.  

    I was still in bed sleeping when the towers were first struck on 9/11.  I remember watching the news with my mom before I went to school.  At school we continued to watch the news and discussed with the class the importance of what was happening.  

  • Hi everyone,

    I am delighted to share this four day class with you!  Thank you for joining us as we move, observe, sing and examine American History through the Senses.  In addition to teaching adults through ASDSA and ASDN and UAA, I also teach music to  elementary-age children at Birchwood ABC.  I am the involved with the Kennedy Center through the National Partners in Education program.

    My "where were you when" is September 11. I was living in Seattle, in my second year of teaching.  I awoke to the news footage of the towers being hit.  I hoped it was a trailer for a blockbuster movie.  It was my worst fear realized. My family lives in New York, my dad works in the financial district and I have 4 immediate family members who are NYPD.  I was devastated at the news and panicked beyond words at not being able to reach *anyone* in my family by phone.  It was 13 hours before I knew if my dad and uncles were alive.

  • My name is Michelle Bowzer.  I taught a 5/6 combination class at Rogers Park last year and will be most likely doing the same next year. I have been at Rogers Park for 5 years (mainly teaching 6th grades).  I love taking history classes and teaching students to enjoy history.  I am looking forward to learning new ideas and working with the social studies curriculum since this will be my first time teaching the 5th grade topics.

    The only major event I can identify is September 11.  I was in school and we watched the news unfold in our history class.  I was in Washington so the new information was being discovered and it was what we discussed in class for the next few weeks.  

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