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Morning reflection

I must say I have enjoyed the class and learning about the various American Native cultures. The Pemmican we ate was wonderful and quite possibly could be used as a trail mix. I am going to try and make my own type of Pemmican this week. I have never

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Article #2 Response

Day 3 Articles

From this list, please choose one article to read.  Your reflection to this article needs to include the author and title of the article and insights/responses/ideas gained from the article.


Please post your response on the Ning – under

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Day 3 Morning Review

We covered the 1800s - Westward Expansion and Pioneer Era.  We danced "Jump Jim Joe", "Lucky Seven" and the "Turkey Dance".  We looked at "Home on the Range" and listened to "Maple Leaf Rag".  Our media examples were "Obituary of the Pioneer Woman" a

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