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Day 3 Morning Review

We covered the 1800s - Westward Expansion and Pioneer Era.  We danced "Jump Jim Joe", "Lucky Seven" and the "Turkey Dance".  We looked at "Home on the Range" and listened to "Maple Leaf Rag".  Our media examples were "Obituary of the Pioneer Woman" and "Native American Chiefs".  Whew!  We were busy!  Please reflect on this morning and this era of history.

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  • All of these dances were excellent. Good communal dances that could be grasped relatively quickly by students of many ages. The Native American Chiefs exercise really frustrated me, simply due to my own ignorance regarding this period of history. I knew nothing about it, so was just copying other peoples answers for the 30 minutes. I suppose that's what many of our students feel like at times, too! I really did like the activity, however (even though I knew nothing of the subject matter). This activity could be used really effectively in a music classroom, and could be adapted for various age groups. I'm going to use it next year! It would be a fun, "after the concert" activity.
  • Jump, Jim, Joe and Lucky Seven and Turkey Dance - all easy dances, easy to teach and fun for all.  The days following concerts are difficult in instrumental classrooms.  I can visualize teaching a reel or jig to an orchestra class, then teaching them the dance steps, and finally having some of the students play the music while the remainder dance.  We need to be teaching fiddling and other nonclassical styles to orchestra students and this is a perfect way to do so.  Thanks for the inspiration.

    I liked the American Indian chiefs activity in which every one of us was successful in the end. I can think of many applications in music education.

  • I enjoyed starting right off the morning with "Jump Jim Joe" dance as well as the "Lucky Seven."  These were two very doable dances that I could teach in the right setting.  Like Stephanie, I was surprised to discover that Hitler was born at about the same time as the OK Corral.  Clothing in the Westward Movement Period was more practical and functional.  Men wore vests and tighter clothing.  Women also wore more practical apparel with aprons as a complete outer dress.  It was very interesting that during this time from the 1800s to the 1900s, there were 21 Presidents.  

  •  I would like to do a play party at school possibly in the fall. We will be getting a new music teacher , &  maybe this person would collaborate with myself on doing this. I could ask the PE teacher for  help also. One of my big ideas for next year is "Kindness to others". While dancing people are generally helpful & kind to each other.

     The obituary we read on Martha Williams, the old California pioneer, was very interesting. I am also fascinated when I read the obituaries of the early pioneers of Alaska. Wow, most have all done so much with their lives!!!

  • The Lucky Seven Dance is a wonderful way to visualize the whole concept of pioneers travelling in a covered wagon, and needing to cooperate to work together as a complete team.  I also loved listening to Home On the Range.  It evokes the image of vastness and the glory of nature.  

    I also love, love, love the coming to consensus game.  That was a fabulous way to get the students engaged and using their language skills in a small group and then as a larger group.  

  • This is one of my favorite eras in relation to dance. It is certainly in the hands (or rather the feet) of the common folk. I think it's an era that seems within grasp, not so distant as Renaissance and the like. I wonder how authentic Jump Jim Joe is, but it seems to fit. These dances and the instrumentation are a definition addition to my class.
    The obituary was very interesting. I wanted to compare and contrast it to the ex-slave interview from yesterday.
  • Great morning moving into the westward movement.  Started with the Jump Dance, which is a great way to wake up.  The reading example provided was high interest.  The turkey dance would be incredibly fun with students.  I'm still wanting to learn more about the Lakota Sioux as opposed to the Hunkpapa.  Highlight was John playing the trumpet.

  • I really enjoyed the various dances we learned today. They were very engaging and non-threatening while being entertaining. Gobble gobble gobble:)
    The small to larger group activity was challenging since much of the information I had learned years ago but was struggling to properly remember. It was a nice way to teach it while working together with classmates. I can't wait to see what we will do this afternoon:)
  • Another great time period Westward Movement and Pioneers! I am liking the fact we are getting more modern but I also really enjoy seeing how the new Americans traveled and built up the new found land. The obituary from MArtha was interesting to read. Just the facts- no emotion or real details. I wish she would have gone in to more detail about the hardships that she and her family went through on an emotional level. I cannot imagine moving that often, seeing your family and friends die from disease, having a husband brought for you, the fear that she must of felt on a daily basis. The fear of not eating, dieing from disease herself, the fear of being kidnapped or molested by the Indians.

  • Although I'm not necessarily enthusiastic about dancing, I know the kids will enjoy it. I'm not sure I am ready to pull off a full play party, but I could definitely use it as a thematic unit and do a play party with grade levels. 

    I really liked the Native American Chiefs activity - I think the consensus building is a great way to build teamwork in the classroom, and is a great way to review or to test for prior knowledge. 

    It was also pleasant to listen to "Home on the Range". It brought back fond memories of my grandpa singing it in his truck. I also liked seeing the other verses - I didn't know they existed, and it adds a nice poetic dimension to the song.

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