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david bisegger replied to Stephanie Campbell's discussion Introductions in Gender and the Constitution
My name is Dave Bisegger.  I teach at South Anchorage where I currently have Economics and Alaska Studies courses.  I have a passion for all things political both as history and current events.  
Saturday is an important day--I am a Packer…"
Jan 9, 2013
david bisegger replied to Stephanie Campbell's discussion Final projects in Using Photography and Art as Primary Sources
Here is the project for the class.  We are submitting it together, as partners, but if we each need to submit the same project separately please let us know.

Dave Bisegger
Delynn Clark
Using Art and Photography.doc"
Jun 10, 2012
david bisegger replied to Thomas Rushford's discussion Lesson Plan in Breathing Life into the Constitution
"Here is my lesson plan.  Three days of instruction (50 minute classes) with the focus on Alaska History/American History.

Thanks for the great class
Dave BiseggerConstitution Lesson Plan"
Jun 4, 2012