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  • Hi all,

    can someone please remind me of the date that  Justice Sandra Day O'Connor will be in Anchorage?


  • Here's my project.  Next step is to talk with ASD-SS, ANUAH & AK-CSS staff and see if we can take this from theoretical to actual by August.  I believe we can...


    ASD ConstitutionRules.docx

    Constitution Illustration Contest- Judging Rubrics.xlsx

    ASD Constitution Invitation.docx

  • Tom, This is my lesson plan.  Thanks for a great class!  Judy Morookian


  • Here's the lesson plan.  It could take anywhere from 4 days to two weeks depending on how in-depth you want to go with the cases.


  • There are three here. I think this may be a bit ambitious, but I'm going to give it a try. I will be on the lookout for another case other than Morse v Frederick as the outcome of that trial is already known. Maybe there will be a good one this fall...

    Ken Varee's Lesson Plan-Constitution, Philosophy Analysis.doc

    Ken Varee's Seminar Lesson Plan,Constitution,Governing.doc

    Ken Varee's Mock Trial Lesson Plan.doc

  • This is my lesson guide I plan to teach to my upcoming class. The focus is reading a primary document connecting with the Human Rights section of Soc.Studies.  Hope this works out. Looks like this might take up to one week of time. 


    Lesson Plan Constit. Class. .doc

  • Here is my lesson plan.  Three days of instruction (50 minute classes) with the focus on Alaska History/American History.

    Thanks for the great class

    Dave Bisegger

    Constitution Lesson Plan

  • Here is my unit/lesson plan. Depending on the students in this pullout program, this could take anywhere from two to four 2-hour sessions.

    Constitution lesson.doc

  • Where is the portal to Zotero on this NING?  I am wanting to explore the different websites but forget where to find that source.

  • A lesson plan on the Preamble to the Constitution

    Thanks for such an energizing class.  I learned about so many new websites, cases, and ways to look at documents in the classroom.  I will have to spend some quality time investigating the resources we discussed in class.  I look forward to utilizing many of them in my classroom.

    I especially liked learning about I.R.A.C. I will definitely use that one; what a great processing tool.


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