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Final Unit-8th grade-3 worlds meet

I actually posted it as a comment to my original post but it's hard to find so I thought I would point people in the right direction.  Click on my earlier post (2 down) to see the unit.  Or, I guess I can add it here too...



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  • The same wording issue exists with the technology lessons--what does "KNOW" mean and how do you measure it?

    One of the important questions about technology is who are the winners and losers as a result of the introduction of new technology. Student might look at the question historically and today.


    Where's the matrix that shows themes on one side and  time periods or units topics on the other??

  • Hi Alyssa


    How do you propose to measure "knowing?" Knowing could mean finding some thing in a list or writing a 5 page essay--VERY different levels of knowing. Which one would satisfy you that your students "got it?" : The verbs you used in an other section--except for "understand" describe exactly what students would do to demonstrate mastery That makes assessment MUCH easier!

    I think that you want to go beyond the exchange to look at impact what were the benefits and costs of exploration and for whom? What are the costs and benefits to today in your community of "explores?" Are immigrants explorers?? Think about what students could do in their own community to address issues caused by exploration today . 

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