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Heather Beck's final unit

Dale,I know you wanted all of these earlier, but I just got back from 3 1/2 weeks in Germany with the in-laws (it was more fun than it sounds) and I was too jetlagged to get my act together yesterday.  I added a 5 paragraph essay as the culminating knowledge piece.  They will also have to create a "Columbus Day" activity which honors other cultures. In addition, I am still interested in the terrorisim information you offered.  My address is:16303 Essex Park DriveAnchorage, AK  99516 Thank you! …

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Final Unit-8th grade-3 worlds meet

I actually posted it as a comment to my original post but it's hard to find so I thought I would point people in the right direction.  Click on my earlier post (2 down) to see the unit.  Or, I guess I can add it here too...3worldsmeet-economicopportunity.pdf3worldsmeet-technology.pdf

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