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  • Hey Crystal, here's my favorite SouthEast Native American story: http://www.amazon.com/How-Raven-Stole-Tales-People/dp/0789201631/re...
  • Hi Crystal,

    I enjoyed looking over a few of your blog posts. It sounds like teaching in SE in a wonderful challenge. I am here in Anchorage at the Delta Cyber School trying to think of ways to get more of our onlines students working. Our online curriculum was originally created for honors students and has not really been adapted to meet the demands of our demographic (which includes students who have fallen through the cracks in other schools- mostly ASD).........

    Have you started work on your LCP? I have not and hope to get a clearer picture of what needs to be done. I think it should be something that we can take right into the classroom and use, something relevant.

    OK, thanks for reading.

    Delta Cyber School
  • Okay you guys, at the end of the course you're going to have to tell me if it was worth it or not. I hope this is making it easier.

    Yes, if you ever get to Anchorage, you've gotta come visit my solarium for reals!
  • Good! John'll get you access soon. But I thought you were going to bed? Don't over-do it. If you don't remember what you are doing, it's useless anyway. Be well.
  • NICE: pink and green! Lovely!
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