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3r79dk8zxko42 replied to Mike Baum's discussion Day 2 in 2010 - 2011 American History in the Global Age
"After reading the second chapter of Bender's book, I have to revise my earlier statement in class that he didn't seem to pay any attention to the ideas of the Enlightenment and their impact on the politics and government organizations of the era of…"
Jun 13, 2011
3r79dk8zxko42 replied to Elaina Hveding's discussion NHD Class Reflection in ASDSA 2011 National History Day Class
"This class was a good intro to the NHD for me. It's always good to take a class in something this involved before introducing it to my students. I already do a similar project-based activity with my US History students and I think this will give me…"
Jun 1, 2011