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Song Lyrics

Hi everyone,

Here is the full compilation of the song lyrics for our class.  (Complete with Chester and Battle Hymn of the Republic =])

Thank you for a terrific first day!  I appreciate your willingness to participate!


Lyrics for ASDSA Class.doc

Lyrics for ASDSA Class.odt

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  • Hooray for insightful lyrics!  A challenge to us all -- how carefully we must listen =)  Thanks everyone!!!

  • For some reason, I've heard Jumpin Jack Flash 100's of times, but totally missed the "raised by a toothless, bearded hag, strap across my back, crowned w/ a spike thru my head.  I'm not actually sure that they mean, but appears to possibly to speak to slavery and/or the Bible. 

         I found it interesting to look at the lyrics  to "Rock Around The Clock" today and to look at them in a different light.  Lyrics are about "breaking the rules"-  staying out all night and  dancing to wild rock and roll music.  I never thought  about  how many of the songs I grew up with were about breaking the rules and how it affected me and culture of the time.

       Also, I grew up w/ patriotic songs  in school and in my small Kansas town of 3,200.  On Sundays in the park there would be concerts in the park and parades that primarily played marches and patriotic songs.  I've always love. the song "Stars and Stripes Forever", but never focused on the title.  But hearing it today and thinking of the title, it was so much more powerful.   

    ,I've grown up in the 50's - 60's so remember

  • You da bomb! I enjoyed reading all the Battle Hymn lyrics. Some of them, I'd never heard before. :) Different lyrics for different historical/societal needs. Same story, different thread. gp

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