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Here is where we would like for you to put your specific search problems.  Hopefully, we can all learn from each other as a result. 


We want you to be able to find as much as possible online by using the principles taught in this class.  Often this takes a completely different approach to the research process  ... online as well as in person.  Actually, online searches usually don't have an archivist to guide you, so in some ways are more difficult.  That's where this Discussion comes in. 


So ....... any time you aren't getting good results, please tell us what you are trying to find and what you have done already.   We will try to guide you in a direction that is more fruitful.


Carol and Robyn

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  • Question about copyright:  It's my understanding that we can use whatever materials are available from the NARA site (?????) I was thinking of using a digital copy in my power point that had this in it's details:

    Access Restriction(s):
    • Unrestricted
    Use Restriction(s):
    • Restricted - Possibly
      Specific Use Restriction: Copyright
      Note: Copyright is subject to the discretion of the creators.
    Under the use restrictions, am I allowed to use this in a presentation????  

  • I was intrigued by the Eyewitness exhibit (Lesson 8) on Dachau. Only 2 pages of a letter were on exhibit. I wanted to finish reading this letter. The following citation was on the page: “National Archives, Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, Abilene, Kansas. Courtesy of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library, Sonya Porter Collection. “ I tried different searches, specifically using the term "Sonya Porter" or "Sonya Porter Collection" in the Archival Descriptions advanced search in the Dwight D. Eisenhower location with no luck. I tried Harold Porter in the exact phrase search and I also tried halocaust, world war 2, and goodness knows what... It wasn't until I typed in Porter or Harold Porter in the "with all the words" search box (same location) did I come up with something. I found out that Porter or Porter Harold in the exact phrase also works. I finally found the digital copy of all 4 pages of the letter! Hopefully I will eventually learn what works in searches so I don’t burn up so much time!

  • My Present Search Problem-

    My focus has both refined and expanded, if that is possible...

    My culminating project presentation is being designed to be a learning artifact that will integrate as a major (and expanding) component within the ASD AKStudies2.0 Course Project currently under way.  This project is coordinated by the ASD-SS department and energized by a team of ASD AK Studies teachers (including myself) who have begun the process of redesigning our current ASD AK Studies Academic Plan to integrate CCSS & 21st C. Skills & Process Standards for a targeted audience of all 9th grade High School Students (down from its' current 11th grade audience)  For the next 2 years this means that all 9th and 11th grade SS teachers and students will be involved with this course as this transition is completed.  Teaching with primary sources (both for historical reasoning and reading process development) will be a central element in this revised course framework.

    In this 2.0 rewrite, instead of just giving teachers a paper and ink "binder" of curriculum with which to organize the way they teach their AK Studies classes, we will be giving them an integrated pair of websites:

    • The first half is an ASD Moodle Course Site for teachers centered on teaching and learning Alaska Studies within the framework of our ASD-SS academic plan.  It will have all the traditional materials found in a 20th century "curriculum binder", but will offer continuous P-D inquiry and refinement of whatever our existing curriculum and practices are. (I would like to set up guest accounts for both of you, Carol & Robyn and make NARA an energetic partner- helping expand this group's power and creativity in teaching with primary sources.  (My "Introduction to Archival Research" presentation will have one version housed as a resource on this site.) 
    • The other half of this pair of websites is an ASD Moodle Course Site for students centered on inquiry, understanding and communicating their questions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs about Alaska and its' future.  This website will be a companion "blended learning" resource that all  ASD AK Studies teachers can integrate seamlessly with their face to face (f2f) class meetings, to whatever degree that they want.  (My "Introduction to Archival Research" presentation will eventually have a student version housed here as well.)

    So my thinking has refined, in that I now have a clear, focused understanding on how I intend to use this archival exploration work, and a decision to primarily focus on chronicling basic process steps for both audiences (more on this later).

    At the same time, I still want to create a general mental map/framework of resources useful for AK Studies teachers and students who might want to grow into this exploration over time... (For purposes of the duration of this course though, I will narrow my remaining focus to records related to Wally Hickel's interactions with Alaska while as U.S. Secretary of the Interior, and his interactions with the Federal Government while as citizen activist and Governor of Alaska...)

    I apologize for the length of this entry, but I wanted to bring folks up to speed on my big picture plan for incorporating NARA archival research, because I would like all of you who will be teaching ASD AK Studies next year to know that your continued exploration of NARA resources and our partnership with Carol & Robyn will be actively supported, and our AK related findings will find a happy home on one or both of our AKStudies 2.0 companion websites.  I hope this archival research community of practice (including our two wonderful guides) become active contributors to this ongoing project in the coming years...

  • Since my students work on documentaries, I would love to learn the best way to access moving images for them to use in their projects. I've been trying to view or download the following on my Mac:

    News of the Day, 1937 - 1943

    ARC Identifier 65583 / Local Identifier 342-USAF-18247

    Item from Record Group 342: Records of U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations, 1900 - 2003


    What is the best browser to use with ARC moving images?

    Any recommendations about downloading?

  • I am looking for more information on the Cold War era in Alaska as I am interested in it and to use in the US History classes.  I can find websites but think it would be cool to have more primary documents to use.  I have been searching Alaska + "Cold War" but not much if anything is coming up.

    Other search terms have been:  Amchitka, BMEWS, Dew Line, Clear Air Force, NIKE sites, White Alice, White Alice Stations. and by the time period 1945 -1991.  I haven't looked for PAWS or Sea-Based X-Band Radar yet.

    Should there be more than the 1 item I found and the 2 videos?  Thanks for any help.

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