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Learn to use government archives to focus and simplify your search for primary sources.

If you need quick answers, you can phone Carol during business hours (8:30 - 5:00 M-F) at the archives.  206-336-5151.

Class materials will begin to disappear in the right column after Lesson 7.  Please click VIEW ALL to see lessons 8-9-10 and any additional materials.

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Lesson 10

THIS DISCUSSION IS FOR ANY LAST MINUTE QUESTIONSFor lesson 10Read  Lesson 10, being sure to click on the Lesson 10 REVIEW link.FINAL PROJECTI will post another discussion board for you to post your final projects. Only as an alternate method, you can send them to me by email.  Our email system is undergoing a dramatic change for the next two weeks, so it would be safer to post it on the discussion board.  If you email it, please check in a couple of days to see that I received it.   Carol

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Lesson 9 Discussion

Please tell us about ONE lesson plan or activity you discovered in the materials for this lesson and why you chose it.   I can see some that I THINK you will be excited about. Remember, with the National Archives facility materials ONLY, to copy the ones you like to your own computer.  They are going to be moved within the next couple of months. 

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Lesson 8

This is where you will tell us about THE ONE exhibit, collection, or interactive website you reviewed thoroughly (after just poking around in many) for today's lesson. I am hoping each of you chooses a different one, but of course there are no guarantees and you won't be marked down for choosing the same one as someone else.  Just go with your heart and mind! 

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