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  • After learning a lot about reformatting Prezi presentations, I think I have a .pdf that will fit into the Ning space and be readable! Thanks Carol!


  • Making the presentation was a great learning experience. The resources at the National Archives seem endless and I've only touched the surface. I'm hoping to use this presentation with my 6th grade students as an overview for finding primary resources. We'll probably view it once, and then watch it in small segments before more targeted lessons. 

    I created this presentation on Prezi. In order to make the file small enough, I had to convert it to a Quicktime movie. Each slide plays for 5 seconds, but you can fast forward as needed. Or, you can view this presentation at the Prezi site. This is my first Prezi, and I would set it up a bit differently next time because the zooming navigation is a bit much. 


  • I would use this presentation at the beginning of the year to prep my students for their 10 page research papers.  They must research some aspect of American History in the 20th century, so I tried to use examples that were relevant to our class but that wouldn't overlap with their topics, and also chose example exhibits based on their paper parameters.  I didn't cover every topic listed by you, Carol, because some of them just aren't relevant to this particular assignment.  However, I would cover the transcription and document analysis in class just as part of everyday lessons.  For example, later this week we are going to look at different handwritten drafts of Wilfred Owen's poem "Dulce Et Decorum Est" before reading the final text of his poem.

    Final Presentation.pptx

  • Here is my project and I hope it uploads this time!  :)

    Enjoy, everyone!  Had a great time in this class!


    NARAFinalProjectThornburg .pptx

  • Thank you for sharing such a valuable resource!

    Final Project

  • Looking forward to using this presentation with my students before their next research project!

    Researching in Archives-Wheeles.pptx

  • A little later than I'd hoped, but here is my presentation. Was anyone else surprised at the sizes of some of the images they wanted to include? It took some planning, but I got them all to fit!

    Thanks for the fascinating class. I have lots to share with my friends and other writers. I'm also honored to have taken a class with educators from around the state. Thanks for all your efforts at making learning interesting for the students!

    Austin FINAL.pdf

  • Hi, folks,

    This is more a booklet than a  Powerpoint; i.e. wordy.

    I had fun, though!

    Bev Thornburg

    NARAFinalProjectThornburg .pptx

  • Carol and Robyn,

    Thanks so much for the great class.  I'm super excited to find more ways to integrate primary sources, and resources NARA has put together into my classes.


    Gehman Final Project.ppt

  • Well, here it goes.  Thanks for offering this opportunity to create something useful from the Archives.

    Anuah course powerpoint.pptx

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