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Welcome to the shared workspace for members of our Professional Development & Events committee.  This is the place where ideas, resources, questions to consider and tasks to be done for this group can accumulate and develop.  It is open to the public, so that other members of our council can stay aware and easily come up to speed should they wish to join us in this work.

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  • I attended a National Endowment for the Humanities teacher seminar this summer and there was considerable talk there about the need for Alaska to host a summer seminar. We could work to get the ball rolling with an AK organization like UAA to develop and host a summer seminar.
    • I'm sure that UAA-PACE would be happy to collaborate on something like this and there would be a national draw to a learning event held up here.
    • Thanks John. The interest in Alaska, Alaskan history, and teachers' interest in connecting AK history to their own curriculum was very strong. This is a project I would like to be highly involved in. I'll see if I can find the contact info for the person at NEH that can give us more information. I have it somewhere!
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Driving Questions for this New Cycle:

These appear to be the main questions that our work group needs to consider: Who are our active members now? What are their present levels of commitment (hrs/month)? How are you recruiting new members to this work group? How are the members staying coordinated? What should our AK-CSS Professional Development goals be for this school year? Which group members are helping with each of these goals? What are the mechanisms for assessing progress (who/when/how) for each goal? What are…

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