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  • I enjoyed looking at the various pictures around the classroom. Since I was not born in the era and do not remember a lot that has happened. I kept asking why on all of the pictures and why people could treat others in that specific way. I had never seen a German Shepard used in any of the pictures I had ever seen so it was shocking to me that the police would use them to try and keep order.
    The other picture that was shocking were the firemen holding the hose and spraying the people along the walls of the buildings. Why did they not just let go and walk away from the house.... Such sadness and questioning why for me this morning with that activity.
  • I think that students would like to learn some of the dances that came out of this time era.  First, they are fun to learn and see how it has changed but also to make connections to modern dance.  I think that students will really be able to see the similarities with the movements.  The animal dances are really fun and you can see connections to the dances toady.  It would also provide a easy and fun brain break.  

    The music is also fun and again can provide great and easy comparison for students.  The music is more relatable for them because it is more familiar.  They can also use it to see the evolution of the songs that they currently listen to.

    I think that the gallery walk with civil rights pictures is something that I would do with my class.  I teach civil rights when I use the 6th grade curriculum.  The pictures are so meaningful and powerful and really provide a snapshot of the struggle for equality for the African-American community.  

  • High Five Buddy would be a great activity for my middle school choir.  They don’t like to interact each other and I think this would be a good way to get them out of their comfort area.


    The stroll was an interesting dance.  What a difference from the swing dances that came before it.  I would use it with my middle school students because it’s not as silly as the other dances.


    Looking at the pictures related to civil rights was very interesting activity.  I liked how we started with the calmer pictures and then moved to the pictures that brought anger.   Great way to start off discussion about the issues we had to overcome. 

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