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  • I could see myself using the tableau assignment with my students.  There are so many great images from history that could really connect to students and this idea helps students connect to art in a new way and incorporates more movement than simply looking at the image.  It also opens students up to discussing why they made the choices they did and working in a group or team.

  • I think it would be fun to do the Renaissance and Baroque periods as we study scientists and mathematicians when we do our Astronomy unit. It would be nice to add the music, art, and dance components to this theme:  here is the music and dances Tycho Brahe did.

    I liked how you can tie in so much of the culture and thinking of the time by teaching the dance. For example, you can talk about class system, clothing, social mores, how music reflects the time, etc.

  • This afternoon was wonderful, the dancing was very engaging and could be taught to my students during physical education classes. I could teach it over the course of a few classes if needed. I feel that they would truly enjoy the experience.
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