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  • And that's all you need to know! I think those are song lyrics --- but they popped into my head after your Truth. . .Love. . .Beauty. :-) Nice!
  • Truth, Love, and Beauty
  • Lovin' it! I want to learn to pick, cook and eat Stinging Nettles. Can you teach me?
  • The meaning of life is to find as many delicious things to cook, eat, and share with friends and family.
  • Life as I know it is my meaning and yours is life as you know it? It sounds like that old book "I'm okay, you're okay." I agree! We're all okay!
  • Life as we know it!
  • You've brought a bright light to the right place, Sean! And also to you Sarah! Some times it is what it isn't. But you found the right place too! Good job!
  • Bring light to all dark places.
  • It is what it is....usually!
  • Nice, John!
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