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John Trampush posted a status
Nov 6, 2021
I'm thinking about human nature. More specifically, how hard it is to balance heart and mind to live a life of compassion and reason.
Human beings walk a balancing act. The more polarized a society is, the harder this balancing becomes...

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  • Different societies tell different stories to each other about THOUGHT and EMBODIMENT.

    By 'societies' I mean collaborative networks of cultures and subcultures organizing groupp thought.

    But all societies are also EMBODIED (made corporate) by MATERIAL CULTURES.  We in the West are used to thinking about our selves and our stuff as very seperate.  This allows us to really explore our relationship to materialism...

    Science, technology, industry, networks of commerce, and the capital/wealth/materials that each human individual accumulate are a good start for thinking about material cultures and our group experiences of self and our relations with others...

    What questions does this bring to your mind??

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