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Natalie Moten replied to Gregory Nelson Brown's discussion The Mirror with a Memory in Art and Photography ASDSA 2013
"I keep going back to the Civil War photographers that were staged.  After we learned how the photos were taken did they lose the power of each images. I don't know the answer but it address the portion of the essay that discuss "art" v "truth".  As…"
Jun 7, 2013
Natalie Moten replied to Stephanie Campbell's discussion Welcome to the Supreme Court class and Introductions in Supreme Court Decisions. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. ASDSA 2013
"Hi, my name is Natalie Moten.  I teach Geography at Clark Middle School.  I'm a transplant for Pittsburgh, Pa.  My plan was for 2 years and this year I got my 10 year pin for ASD----where did the time go.  I'm  currently working on my National Board…"
May 6, 2013