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  • Hi Michelle,

    Our resident ARS-expert!  Thanks so much for your thoughtful contributions to our class!!  How terrific to know that dances are now in your toolbox of teaching ideas - thanks for taking the risk and adding new things!

    You brought up several excellent points in your class reflections; the importance of helping students observe and not jump to conclusions; John Dewey's quote from the article you read and authentic classroom connections.  I look forward to hearing how your students enjoy contrasting "Jefferson and Liberty" and the Waltz and the exploration of "Chester".  Your thoughts on the Cakewalk are spot-on; that dance requires a kind classroom community otherwise it goes quickly to the mean/mocking aspects of the dance.  Here's to having fun with "Lucky Seven", Animal Dances and High Five Buddy as brain breaks!

    I hope you have a wonderful summer!!

  • Michelle, can you pick your second choice for the group? 3 is full...



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