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  • dear jhon i believe that Pakistan's and Alaskan educators work together on cultural grounds. It would be good experience to share eastern and northern cultural experiences

  • John, thank you for the welcome. Although I've been tech-savvy for many years, social networking is always struck me as a colossal waste of time. In this forum, I can see a practical use, but I am behind the learning curve. Please bear with me. Regards, Carl

  • I appreciate that we have the freedom to kind uf just say what is on our mind; I do not always know what my complete thought is.....just what I think in general......but by feeling free just to jump into the discussion, I can kind of refine my thinking about a historical question in real time. I think the beauty of this format is that its a bit free-flowing, with the chat option, the audion option, etc. It allows students to follow along and join the discussion, but also to add peripheral thoughts as well. I hope it does not distract the instructor (s) too much when students add comments that are not exactly in teh thread of the lecture. I wanted to comment on how I appreciated this freedom to share my thoughts in this manner. I look forward to be being part of this growing community (network) of historical minded folks.
    semper historia
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