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  • In All Quiet on the Western Front it was stated that "to no man does the earth mean more" and that may be hard for some of us to understand. But it means that an infantry soldier in the trenches and his whole life is defined by the dirt, med, water, and the elements. My father spent several months in the foxholes of Korea in 1952 and he talked a bit about it. I was in the Marines in 1990-94 and was deployed to the desert and spent a few nights dug into the desert sands of Saudi Arabia.  It is hard for me to say that the earth and land mean less to the military man, unless he/she spends his time in a barracks and not getting out and digging in. I think Barry Lopez would have a few things to say about the geography of the infantry Marine.

  • I ahve been remiss in completing my first LCP up to this point. I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head, have looked at a few models, and understand the inquiry method....... for me. I want my LCPs to be relevant to what I am doing and I want them to be something I can use in my teaching now as a cyber teacher. I could do any number of LCPs on 100s of histprical themes (related to our class study) but I want to be sure that what I do is meaningful. I am getting close to the point of getting going on my first LCP, but I wanted to kind of let you know that I am not being lazy or procratinating, rather, I just needed to let the LCP rubric and my ideas "stew" for a bit before I put them together.
  • Barry Lopez (Arctic Dreams) has written a wonderful essay on the topic of having a sense of place. I need to find it and re-read it. If I remember he kind of makes the case for geography having an effect on our thoughts and our thinking having an affect on the way we interpret a particular landscape. (landscape affects mindscape).
  • Cindee - I feel like I am filling up your space here - I am having trouble with Task 4 - I will work on it more tomorrow - I got to the create a page, etc but I can't seem to view it - I saw this message :Ask your workspace administrator to upgrade for the ability to search within your files. Do I need to do this? I will check in tomorrow.
  • I liked the hunting story, too, but also liked the idea of writing a new one - the bull story. I enjoy the collection of stories I seem to be acquiring. More are sure to come.
  • 2nd task done - about forgot save - but my website was saved here on firefox as a tab - so far so good. whew!
  • I found the tasks : ) but not sure where update is
  • where do I go for the next task?
  • I am at a conference here in Anchorage. It was great, as a matter of fact, so great that I am taking another training on the 2 days of personal leave that I took to attend my cousin's wedding this weekend. See what happens when you network. It should be fun, but I am in a bit of information overload. So, I will try to catch up on these tasks. Hope I will get it together. (I am also intuitive, random so here we go)
  • Am not clear what we needed to do for the first week; feel like I need to get up to speed before next class meeting.
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