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1j8kpzcrr5ni8 replied to Mary Richards's discussion BLOG 1: 21ST CENT HIST INQ SYNTHESIS DUE 10/24 in AMERICAN HISTORY IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT
"thanks for those thoughtful video podcasts!
Oct 23, 2011
1j8kpzcrr5ni8 replied to Cindee Karns's discussion So What Exactly Do I Have To Do To Complete An LCP????? in American History Digitized- '10-'11
"I am thinking I am off base for the LCPs - I thought we were suppose to find a burning question about our units that we are studying -now it is looking more like I should be looking for the burning question in the teaching methods?  
Here are the…"
Jan 2, 2011
1j8kpzcrr5ni8 replied to John Trampush's discussion Parking Lot in American History Digitized- '10-'11
"It looks as though our comments are ending up on google - I recently googled my name and was surprised to find some of my postings housed there.  Is there a way to not allow this to happen?
by the way I loved the video podcast format."
Dec 28, 2010