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  • What a great experience and lesson!  I would LOVE to recreate the dancing that we did at the end of this portion today.  What an amazing experience.  I know my kids would love the fighting style of dance.  I loved learning how each of the motions connected to something and how the earth is such a part of the dancing.  I love teaching about the Civil War and Spirituals and how they are connected to so many other types of music!!!  I am excited to add what I learned today to my classroom.  I think it will give the kids a new look at what it meant to be a slave and the lives that they lived.  I just can't say enough about the experience... FUN!  I am excited to take and share what I can of this.

  • Reflection #3: Wow! This was way fun! I was so busy trying to mimic our dance leader that I didn't have time to worry about how awkward I must have looked. Makes me think that dancing with a group is a wonderful way to bond with others. The power of rhythm is strong and elemental. This has been a terrifically fun class so far -- I definitely need to dance more!

  • Wow! What a fun work out. Perfect for energizing a class. Don't know that I would remember all the steps but I can certainly improvise. Perhaps have the kids brainstorm on a story and the movements to symbolize it. Focus on how we are connected to nature. First tell the story of how it was used as a West African dance. Fun, fun, fun!!!
  • Reflection #3 (Negro Spirituals & Civil War Era):     Loved the dancing and the historical aspects of the Negro Spirituals. Great historical reference and alignment with the music. I love how much we change from lecture to movement. Excellently planned day. 

  • As a music teacher who LOVES teaching spirituals, I thoroughly loved the spirituals portion of this class--I feel that they are a wonderful way to teach not only history but also basic music concepts such as call and response, melody and harmony, etc.  And the dancing was a lovely way to end our day--Nooemia had such energy and obvious love for her subject matter.  I look forward to tomorrow!

  • - Dancing remains and opportunity for entertainment and courtship.
    - Minstrel shows
    - Songs tell are full of patriotic fervor- share battles/news of battles, pride in flag and Union and Confederate platforms. Parodies of other areas songs (North vs. South) were written to mock the other.
    - Music used for Underground Railroad: songs contain secret messages. “Follow the Drinking Gourd”. Songs were also a comfort during their workdays. Women could not speak while they worked, but were allowed to sing.
    - Songs have biblical messages and references, or use lots of call and response.

    I really enjoyed the dance examples for this section. A very lively and creative way to story-tell through movement. Also an excellent cultural connection to share with students as well as a great lesson in a music classroom when discussing drumming and movement.

  • What a rich music/dance heritage is found in this historical period.  There are so many easily-seen connections to modern music and dance that it is a natural choice for helping our students to experience historical context and significance.  I could spend the entire year teaching African-American spirituals and work songs and thoroughly enjoy it!  What a way to give the students some insight into the life and perspective of a slave.

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