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  • To me this is a very smooth type of dance.  These dances are a lot of fun to watch.  I feel like I now have more of an understanding of what hip hop dancing entails.  It really allows for a lot of creativity.  This is perfect for the preschool age where they would enjoy creating their own movements.  I'd also like to have Gabe come in as a guest speaker as well, I know another preschool class had a break dancer come in.  It would be great to have a list of dancers that could and would be willing to come into classrooms.

  • I enjoyed the music and dance of this era. Hip-Hop was difficult for me. Very different from what I have done but I can see how the kids would love doing this. I appreciate Gabe discussing how he would spend time explaining to the kids a healthy way a looking at the dance. disco was also a lot of fun and I can now see a lot of the history of past dance forms emerging into Disco.

  • Reflection #7 (Modern Era, Hip Hop, and Disco): Loved the disco. I guess it really did look that bad.   Wish we had more time for Hip Hop. Lots of fun though and really helped bridge the gap between where I am with dance and where my students are.  Thanks for planning this class so well.

  • I was a '70's baby (1976) so I remember being very tiny and seeing the polyester suits, and hearing the music on the radio (when I rode with my dad--my mom never listened to it).  Disco has never really interested me, but it is interesting to see how disco almost mirrors the "don't touch" mentality of the minuet while still keeping its originality...plus, as a musical style all its own both in music and dance it is definitely an era that is worth remembering :)  And hip hop is a wonderful genre all on its own--what a great way to connect with our students!

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