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  • Final Project for Tim Davis

    Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous…and Not:

    An examination of class stratification during the Baroque Era


  • Elizabeth,

    This is a PDF version of my Final Document.  I'm sending my Final project again to reduce the size from 20MB to less than 1 MB and allow it to attach to ANUAH.  Unfortunately when attach a file this way you can't open the audio files.  If you are aware of a way that allows me to attach with operating audio files, please let me know and I'll do what I can to submit again.

    Thanks again for your great class.

    Margaret Brown


    SUM ACAD Margaret Brown Final Document.pdf

  • I decided to focus on the Progressive Era and am sending in my project.

    ARS-Piper:Progressive Era

  • Hi,

    Great Class!

    I'm trying to send my final project but it is 20 MB and the system will only allow 5MB.  I have audio files attached for secondary sources that would unlikely transfer to a PDF file of my final document.

    I also sent it through email to your asd email.

    Margaret Brown

  • Final Project by Margaret Brown

  • ARS Amanda Berger Music

    Music Amanda Berger ARS Square Dancing.docx

  • Final project for Arnold and Rosenberg.

    Civil War to Civil Rights.

    ARS ArnoldRosenberg.doc

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