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  • Fantastic final projects!!!  What a treasure trove we have created!  The projects had such varied topics --- Michael Jackson's influence on music, the richest of the rich in the Baroque era, square dancing for pre-schoolers, Star-Spangled Banner history, Constitution Day, Erie Canal, Yupik dance and storytelling, Cotillions, Media's evolution in Music and History, Women's changing roles --- just to name a few!!

    I have submitted grades to UAA and they should be posted on transcripts soon.

    Thank you all!!!  A 2-day historical and musical whirlwind!

    I do hope that our explorations will be useful to you in your teaching.  Please keep us all posted as you teach your lessons and make dynamic connections with your students!

    Musically yours,


  • Ynez's final project

    Women's changing role through dance

    SlaymakerMusicand DanceARS_template-2.doc

  • Songwriters and Historical Events of the 20th Century


  • Final Project for Suzy Spackman

  • Final project for Lisa Kelzenberg.

    Westward Movement Music, Musicians, and Dance Moves!!


    ARS Lisa Kelzenberg.docx

  • Final project for Suzy Spackman

  • Final project for Suzy Spackman

  • Final project for Suzy Spackman

  • Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah! The Final Frontier. Geep



  • Final project for Cari McCubrey

    I really enjoyed your class!


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