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  •      I have always been drawn to group dances, not only for their social aspect, but for the ease of learning the dance.  "Jump Jim Joe" and Lucky Seven are perfect dances for just this reason.  I can see myself starting out the school year teaching my students "Jump Jim Joe" as a getting to know you activity.  Lucky Seven is a wonderful group dance without the tension of having to dance with someone that you may not want too.  Since partners change, there is no need for that tension.

         I learned that our Birchwood ABC school song is based on the tune of "Stars and Stripes Forever."  I never knew that!  Now I am interested in researching the history of this particular song in order to educate my students prior to teaching them the song.  What a great way to combine some history with our school song.

  • I was really interested to learn about the play parties and their use in conjunction with harvests. Our school has a garden, and each fall we harvest the vegetables and use the food for a potluck. This will be the perfect opportunity to include some dance and community building among the families and kids. Our harvest is in late September, so this will give me a great focus for the beginning of the school year. I also plan to partner dancing with some of the team building activities I learned during Block A. I feel really energized for the new school year already. Thanks for the great ideas!
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