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       Since our time together is so short and we have a jam-packed 2 days, we'd like to start making connections before we get started on May 30th.

       Please take a moment to introduce yourself and tell us a little about you (i.e. where / what you teach, what drew you to this class, and something to remember you by like a unique trait / hobby / summer plan, etc.) 

       Please also tell us the title of one or two or your favorite songs from any period in your life. What makes it a favorite? 

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  • Hi! I have been at South for the past 3 years teaching a PE/health elective called IMPACT: Individuals Making Positive Action Choices Today. I have been displaced and it looks like I'm headed to Benny Benson where I will continue teaching IMPACT as well as AK Studies and possibly US History. I have always used music and dance in my classrooms as a way to "connect" students to each other and the curriculum. This course jumped out at me from the ASDSA catalog. Favorite songs- "Put a little Love in Your Heart" always makes me smile, and "Old Time Rock & Roll" by Bob Seger because it's a great song to dance to!  See you soon!

  • Hi, I am Alison Anteau.  I teach 7th grade Language Arts, Geography and Drama at Mears Middle School.  My background is in theatre and I am a huge fan of musicals!  I am a huge believer in the power of music and see huge potential in using music to help explore cultures.  Many of my students are English Language Learners and are eager to share their culture, including music, in class.

    I love all types of music and which genre I listen to depends on my mood.  I listen to it all, from Rap to Country, from Classical to Jazz.  Lately, I've been in the mood for feel good tunes, so have been listening to a lot of Michael Franti & the Spearheads.  ZZ Ward is also on the recent "most played" list.  But I love singing, so I am usually attracted to songs I can sing along with.  "Jesus Christ Superstar" is probably my all-time favorite musical, although "Wicked" is a new have.

  • I am a teacher in the Seminar Program at Service High and am always looking for new hooks for my US History class.  Music is obviously an easy way to engage my students as many of them are very passionate about it (whether singing, playing, or just listening).    My favoritesongs change all the time. Currently  I am digging the Trampled Turtles and the Lumineers.  

  • I am finishing a stint as a long term music sub at Abbott Loop Elementary. This course will help to fulfill my desire to coordinate music and history studies. It will be fun to spend a couple of days with other like minded teachers. There are so many great songs, I don't usually think of favorites. This week two of my students are working on "100 Years" by Five for Fighting. I like that song for its skillful arrangement and timeless message. When teaching the primary kids, one of my favorites is "Love Grows". It opens the door to talking about love and kindness. This summer I will be visiting the Philippines for the first time. I have received a lot of interesting advice for my first time, but already knew the most important thing: don't drink the water.

  • From Marianne Trent

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    Hi, my name is Mariann Trent and I teach 6th grade at Chinook.  This is my 24th year teaching in ASD.  I love teaching social studies and am always looking for new ideas and activities to bring to life history and make it fun and meaningful for students.  Music, art, and dance are great to incorporate into any content area.  My favorite songs are Lights by Ellie Goulding and anything by Adele.

  • Hello, I am Christine Sager, a PE and health teacher at Wendler middle school. I once visited the Smithonian American history institute in D.C. and watched a singing/dancing history tour. I became sold on this method of learning history. Thus I could not pass up taking this class. I am hoping that I will get a better idea of eighth grade history, dance ideas, MUSIC to use, and HOW TO LEAD INTO THE DANCES. thanks, Christine Sager

  • My name is Stephanie Wooten, and I teach fifth grade at College Gate Elementary.  I was drawn to this class as I took "Using Art and Photography as a Primary Source" last year at ASDSA and really enjoyed it...I figured I'd move on to another class that was similar.  Something easy to remember me by??? Hmm...well I'll be the preggo gal in the class so I'll be easy to spot! haha  My husband and I are expecting a baby boy in late September/early October.

    Two favorite songs from any period in my life... My wedding song by Jason Mraz "I Won't Give Up"...not only did the hubby and I dance to it at our wedding last summer in Maui, but it has played in the background at numerous prenatal appointments, so I consider it good luck at this point! ha  Another song--Motown Philly by Boyz II Men...brings me back to junior high/high school and I can't help but smile thinking about goofier times.

  • Hi! I'm Stephanie, the other half of the instruction team. I currently work as the ANUAH grant coordinator, but will be back in the classroom at Russian Jack this fall. This class is actually an off-shoot of a realization I had that many teachers were beginning to use documents as primary sources to reach kids, but that so much was still missing. I luckily met Elizabeth and this class was born. I do have to say it's the most fun I've had teaching in a long, long, time. This summer (if we ever get one) I hope to do my first 5K and my first triathlon. 

    Why do I always ask these hard questions that I can't answer? There are just way to many great songs that bring back great memories for me to choose only a couple. I did realize though, as I was researching the 70s unit, that anything my Michael Jackson makes me happy and want to move. Great rhythm and beat, and it brings back memories of care free times. 

  • Hi, I'm Karen Toohey, an elementary special ed. teacher.  I think music is a powerful learning tool and this class looked like fun!  Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" is an all time favorite that helps me get through the bad times.

  • A bit about me: I am currently the classroom music teacher at Birchwood ABC Elementary.  In addition to teaching children for 14 years, I have taught music & social studies classes for teachers through ASDSA, Alaska Staff Development Network, the Kennedy Center partnership at the AK Center for the Performing Arts and the Alaska State Music Educators' Conference.  I believe music and social studies tell the stories that have shaped us as people, and as a country.  As a music teacher, it is tough to choose one or two favorite songs, but my current ring tone is "Oh Happy Day".

    Looking forward to singing and moving through American History with you!

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