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  • Elizabeth and Stephanie,

    Thank you for a wonderful two days of music and dance.  I'm really excited to try these next year!  Final project is finis!


    Riley ARS_final project.doc

  • Here is my project.  Thank you for a fun class.  I am planning on using this next year!  :)


  • Here is my final project. Thanks for a great class.

    Durtschi ARS.doc

  • 2nd try :)


  • This is my final project


  • I hope this works!

  • I need help! The template for the final ARS is coming up in a font that I can't read. I am using Firefox as the browser. The windows to drop the resource into appear, however the directions and explanations referencing it are indecipherable. Advise? I also looked at an example on ANUAH.org and it shows up the same way...

  • My project is complete. I hope.

  • Attached is my final project.  Thanks again for a fun and educational class!

    Valerie Spencer


  • Here is my final project.  My computer had problems with the format, but I hope it works.  Please let me know if there's anything I need to change or fix due to the formatting errors.

    Thanks for a great class!


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