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Opening Question

There are some events that we will never forget. We know exactly where we were, what we were doing, whom we were with when we heard the news. Please complete the following sentence and add a short paragraph of description. 

I will never forget where I was when ...

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  • Nixon resigned. I don't remember anything about the actual speech other than what I've seen as an adult. But, I remember very well my best friend's mother dragging us inside from playing and making us watch it on TV because she said it was "historical"

  • the Twin Towers fell.  It was early in the morning and I was watching the TV while I ate breakfast.  I thought to myself, "This is an odd time of the day for an action movie."  Suddenly, I realized that I was watching the news, not a movie.  The event was horrifying and the entire country watched, with confusion, as the World Trade Center came crashing down and thousands of people died. Later that day, I remember sitting with my swimmers, as I was a swim coach at the time, and we had a discussion about what had happened.  I also learned later that day that my great uncle, in his 80's, had to walk 90 blocks to get home since everything was shut down.  While our family was lucky, and no one was hurt, it made the event much more real.  It seemed as though everyone had a connection, and everyone felt the loss, no matter where we lived in the country. 

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