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  • HI Heather 


    I just found a week of instruction-- Is that the unit??  The first pages specifies 2-3 weeks, but I couldn't fine more. The secttion where you specify what " students will know" is NOT assessible except for  ther evaluate statement--What does "KNOWING" mean and how do students demonstrate it -- a matching question or a 5 page  essay?? These  would demonstrate VERY different levels of knowing. Later,m you use VERY specific verbs -- evaluate, recognize describe


    Friday The BIG question-- does it need to be broken into sub questions so that students can get there brains around it-- ie the role of religion , Perception of their place in the world relative to other people-- What particular perspectives do you want them to explore--there area lot and they may get lost

  • Hi Heather:


    I REALLY want to look at this now that it is done as I know it was looking good when we were together in Anchorage. Unfortunately, I leave in 2 hours for a week in NY. BUT I promise as soon as I get back and dig out from whatever piled up while Iwas gone I WILL  look at it immediately -- Enjoy the rest of the summer and thanks SOOoooo much for your hard work, GREAT questions, and collegial support for all of us inthe class. If you want that Torrorism unit and the foreign policy choices schematics send me a snail mail  address. Cheers


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