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Intros and Interests!

7291510658?profile=originalClick the CONTINUE button below to introduce yourself and begin our first discussion. Please include the following information:

School or Teaching Setting
Age Level of Students
Subjects you teach or academic support you provide:

Please read over the following questions and respond to the question or questions that most appeal to your interests. Feel free to add any additional thoughts that come to mind concerning classroom uses of primary sources!

Do you have a specific time period of history or topic area that you are most interested in exploring in this class? If so, please share your interests. (Remember, you don't have to answer all these questions, just read them all, then chose one or more that 'speak' to you.)

Do you have creative teaching practices you wish to share using primary sources?

Are you interested in using primary sources as the main focus of lessons or as supplementary to classroom teaching?

Do you have a classroom preference for a particular type of primary source documents e.g. documents, photography, maps?

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our first discussion. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Neva Reece

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  • My name is Stephanie Anderson.  I teach 7th grade World Geography at Begich Middle School.

    Although I do not teach history, I hope to be able to teach 8th grade history one day because early American History is something I truly love.

    I am hoping to use the information I receive to better serve students and provide them with more resources.

    I would like to be able to use maps, photographs, and documents for American History and World Geography.

  • Hi, my name is Mary Ray and I teach at Sand Lake Elementary School.  I currently teach Kindergarten.  I am interested in the constitution but would also like to find resources to see how to get around the library of congress and what is available.

  • Steve Carroll

    Huffman Elementary

    5th grade

    Elementary Education

    Interest is American History Colonization to Civil War.

    I have no creative teaching practices.

    Original documents I am interested in Senate hearings.

  • Hello!  I'm Angela Marshall and I teach Language Arts and History at Crossroads.  It is an alternative school for pregnant and parenting teen girls.  We have students from ages 14-19.  I'm relatively new to the world of teaching Social Studies and am excited to learn new techniques and resources.  At Crossroads my English classes are direct instruction, but all the History classes are more independent study for our students.  I am interested in altering the format of those History classes to be more interactive and meaningful for kids.

  • I would love to dig into the primary documents for the Cold War.  The politics that surround that and the events that surround that are just intriguing.   Also I would love to compare the Cold War with the current War on Terror to give the kids a look at how history can be used to solve modern day problems.

  • "I am a teacher with Family Partnership. I am excited to learn how to use primary sources.  I work with students K-8th.  I help parents as they homeschool their children using our ASD resources (curriculum, classes, etc.).  

  • Hello, my name is Evelyne and I teach high school social studies/vocational education at the Whaley School...While I am interested in world history, I have struggled with US history and hope that I can find information to not only spark my interest, but my students interest as well!  I also want to better understand "primary sources" and make sure that I am using that term correctly --- I am looking forward to our class!

  • Elaine Daw

    Eagle River Elementary School

    Pre K - 6th grade


    OK Time for honesty. I generally don't like history. That's one of the major reasons for taking this class. Last summer I was able to briefly visit the LOC and was awed by its beauty and significance to our American culture.

    I'm most interested in learning how to find appropriate materials to support the classroom teachers particularly when they are require students to do research on historical topics such as inventors/inventions, WWI and WWII, Alaska Natives, etc.

  • My name is Marlena and I am the librarian at Chester Valley elementary. I have an interest in incorporating Social Studies into my library lessons as I often hear from teachers that they have a difficult time fitting SS into their daily schedule. I would love to be able to acquire some fun and interesting primary sources I can pass onto my kiddos.

  • Hi!  My name is Karin Owens.  I have taught grades K- 12 but I am now a stay-at-home mom with four preschoolers.  I intend to home school and I may one day find myself in the classroom again.

    Primary sources are far more compelling than a textbook approach to history.  I am interested in finding out what resources are available.

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