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  • Hi, my name is Pam Witherington. I teach 5th grade at Alpenglow Elementary. I love reading, politics, camping, being outdoors. I have just returned from a camping trip for the long weekend and apologize for my late introduction to the class.

  • Hi! My name is Holly Marcott and I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska.  I teach social studies at Mears Middle School.  I have spent most of my career teaching 7th grade geography, but next year I will teach 3 sections of geography and 2 sections of U.S. history.  I'm hoping that the Supreme Court class will give me some ideas for teaching U.S. history (especially the Civics section).

  • Howdy folks!  My name is Brandon Erickson and one thing that separates me from the rest of you is that I'm not yet a teacher but Lord willing will be soon.  I have a passion for early American history as well as general military history.  I entered college in 1995 and after a series of changes of majors, I dropped out to serve in the Army.  I got out several years ago and returned to college and am finishing this fall with a BA in History. 


    I got involved with the ASD this spring doing some volunteer work with both National History Day and Project Citizen.  I love working with middle and high school aged kids.  The last 3 years in the Army, I was a mentor at North Pole High School in their JROTC program and loved the role that I played helping the students to develop and learn.  I'm greatly looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that the future holds in my life.


    Thats me in a nut shell!  I'm excited to meet you guys and learn just a bit more about America and the Supreme Court.   :)

  • I am Amanda Zogas. I am at Service High in the Seminar School, and teach English 9-12, Economics, US History.  This summer I am doing yet another wedding circuit in the lower 48 with some rock climbing and house boating thrown into the mix.  The Seminar School is thinking of adding some Supreme Court Decisions into our English curriculum next year, so hoping to get some direction for that from this class.

    I know, I don't have a picture yet.  I kind of like being anonymous.  : )

  • Hello,  My name is Keith Kuipers.  I teach US History, Economics and soon to be 9th grade AK Studies at Dimond High School.  The Air Force brought me to Alaska in 1996 and I stayed.  I retired in 2004 and have been at Dimond since 2008.  The best thing about the last two classes I have taken with these two instructors is that you can walk out with something you can immediately use.  Also, it is very helpful to know what and how things are taught in each grade by sharing the lessons.  I look forward to the discussions.

  • My name is Jessica Stern.  I have been teaching at a small school based at Wendler Middle School called the Newcomers' Center for eight years.  All of our students are new immigrants from around the world.  This year I have had students from Senegal, Somalia, Albania, Mexico, Peru, China, Ukraine, Honduras, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and more.  I teach my students English, Middle School Social Studies, High School World History.  My students teach me  .. well, everything.  The title and description of this class sounded very intriguing to me.  My favorite Supreme Court Justices are Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Steven Breyer.  I recently read an excellent article about Ginsberg in the New Yorker by  Jeffrey Toobin.  Do I still l have to do the required reading (just kidding)?  I am very excited about summer vacation and am ready to do some hiking in the Chugach Mountains, biking around town, gardening and .. not working for almost three months.  

  • From David Talbot

    I am  David Talbot---Music Teacher--on long term sub assignment at Abbott Loop Elementary teaching general music grades k-6. Why is a music teacher interested in this class? Civil rights is a theme in some of the music we do in Elementary. This class should make me better prepared to discuss the issues with my students. Also, I was exposed to the legal profession since childhood because my father was a lawyer. I am looking forward to a interesting, thought provoking course---and getting to hear from other teachers on important topics.

  • From Elaina Hveding

    My names Elaina Hveding. I teach 6th grade at Begich MS. I've been there 5 years and really enjoy it. I'm a big supporter of National History Day and was thinking this class might give me some good ideas. This summer I plan to travel with my kids.

  • Reply by Michelle Bowzer 16 hours ago

    I am Michelle Bowzer.  I teach sixth grade at Rogers Park and have been working there for four years.  I always love teaching social studies and enjoy teaching the eras covered in the sixth grade curriculum.  I hope that this class will give me as many great resources as the previous two classes have offered me.  I plan to go visit family in Washington for a couple weeks during the summer.  

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  • I teach Alaska Studies and World History at Dimond. I look forward to the class.

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