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  • My name is Karin Owens and I have taught for fourteen years at different grade levels in a variety of settings, from Sand Lake Elementary to Tok, AK.  I was born in Anchorage and plan on staying.  I am no longer in the classroom and am taking this course to maintain my certification.  My home is very busy; I have five children five and under.  This course will be a "vacation" of sorts and a nice change of pace.  I look forward to meeting all of you!

  • Hi, my name is Natalie Moten.  I teach Geography at Clark Middle School.  I'm a transplant for Pittsburgh, Pa.  My plan was for 2 years and this year I got my 10 year pin for ASD----where did the time go.  I'm  currently working on my National Board Certification, I hope this class will help me prepare for the final assessment.  See everyone soon in class.

  • Hello, this is Robert warren from eagle River High School.  This year I teach AK Studies, US Government and US History.  I have been in the district 22 years 7 at elementary, the rest at High School.  I was interested in the title of this course as I begin my US History with the theme The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  I'm sure this class will be only The Good stuff.  I enjoy traveling in summer and dip netting on the Kenai.  I look forward to the class. See you all soon.

  • I have been teaching secondary social studies with ASD for 12 years, the past eight years at Service High School. I currently teach 10th grade U.S. History and Economics for 11th & 12th grade students. I came to Alaska 41 years ago because I was an Army brat ;0) and up until these past two winters, I could never imagine leaving Alaska. My summer will be full with visiting granchildren, fishing, and taking a Praxis II test to HQ in Government. I'm not really sure what I hope to get out of the class, but it sounded interesting.

  • Hi,

    My name is Lydia Lantz and I teach English at Bartlett High School. I teach grades 10-12 various English subjects and have been teaching there for 4 years now. I am from Colorado and moved here because I love the mountains and every sport associated with them. This summer I will be spending time rafting various rivers in AK and will be backpacking Kauai for the month of July. I am taking this class because I am interested in the US government and everything associated with it past and present.

  • Hi all! My name is Mara Kimmel and along with Kimberly Pace, will be your guide for this Supreme Court adventure!  I just sent out a rather lengthy email explaining our approach and would love to confirm that you all received the note.  Please let me know!

    All best,


  • I'm Jimmie Petrash - 7th grade Geography Teacher from Hanshew Middle School. I've been teaching here is ASD since 1994, and I will continue teaching until my three kids are out of school (11 more years!). I came to Alaska when my wife, Denise, was hired by ARCO back in 1991, and we have hung around through thick and thin. The summer will bring a time for camping with the kids, set-netting, and exploring the beaches at the low-low tides around Seldovia. I am truly looking forward to the summer! I recently took a class taught by you and your partner - a Constitution class in 2012. Great class! Why this class? I am looking forward to adding to my annual Constitution Unit every Fall. I am a Constitution nerd, so I look forward to learning all about the good, the bad, and the ugly concerning the Supreme Court.

  • Hi, My name is Marina Hunter. I am a 5th grade teacher at Turnagain Elementary.
    When I am not teaching, I like to run, hike or read.

  • I'm Karen Toohey and currently I teach all grades K-6... all subjects at the same time in one tiny room packed with 14 students!  I moved to Alaska from California when I was 13 and graduated from East High School.  I like to hike and ski for fun.  I have camping trips planned for the summer. I'm just looking forward to learning all that I can from the class.

  • Hello, My name is Todd Heuston.  I teach AP United States Government at South Anchorage High School.  I am an Alaskan, born and raised, and a product of the Anchorage School District.  I have been involved in civic education and law-related education for the last 13 years in Alaska.  We participate every year in the annual We The People simulated congressional hearings, and we spend a great deal of time looking at SCOTUS decisions.  I enjoy reading for fun, and traveling.  After this class I will be chaperoning a group of kids to France for 10 days, and upon returning, I plan on having the greatest "Stay-cation" in human history.

    I look forward to getting new insights into landmark decisions, and engaging in great discussions with my colleagues.

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