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Update and The 9 Reading

Hello all,

Thanks to all of you who have chosen a group to be part of. Your names should be added to the respective group pages, so please check and confirm.

For others of you who have not indicated which group you want to be part of, please do as soon as possible. Please try to fill out the groups that are undersubscribed.

As far as the reading of the book, The Nine, please do start to read it.  There will be an assignment based on that book due after the completion of the course at a date to be determined.  The assignment will be to complete a two page analysis of how that book related to the topics and ideas we discussed in class.  More specifics will be provided during the class.

Please also do the readings for your group, and skim the other readings for the other groups so that we can have some lively and meaningful discussions.

In terms of your presentations, don't feel as if you have to prepare anything formal such as a powerpoint, etc.  You'll be given only a short amount of time in class to work with your teammates so you likely won't have time to put something that formal together.  However, you should also feel free to work together in advance if you wish...

Thanks and we're getting excited to meet you all soon!


Mara and Kimberly

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  • Would like to join group 5 if possible 

  • I would like to be a part of group 3 (Slavery and Civil Rights). 

  • I'd like to join group 5 Bong Hits

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