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  • From Prologue:

    Here is an image of Louisa May Alcott's muster roll from her service as a nurse in the Civil War.


    It's intriguing to look at her handwriting and think about what it tells us about this courageous and remarkable person---from a family of unshakeable abolitionists.  Any handwriting experts out there? :)

  • I am looking for some very specific information of the Cold War in Alaska. Looking for information on the DEW Line, BMEWS, military bases such as Clear Air Force Station, NIKE sites, etc.


    ◦   A Prologue article related to your topic (found by using the general search box at www.archives.gov

          Searched Alaska+”Cold War” and found

    ◦       Layout 1... Warning Air Defense Systems in Alaska, 1949–1985 Among the records ... S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Alaska District is a large series ... used defense sites from the Cold War period and still active ... http://www.archives.gov/locations/calendar/09-march.pdf

    ◦   A primary source document found by using the Online Public Access search engine at http://www.archives.gov/research/search/

    I could not find anything except for the article listed above


    ◦   An interesting document from www.digitalvaults.org

          I could not find anything that was related to Alaska and the Cold War.

          The only thing that might work is Atomic First Air poster



    ◦   A movie from YouTube www.youtube.com/user/usnationalarchives/

          Cool, I found something: 

          Radar: The Dew Line Story, 1958


          The Big Picture - Top of the World



    Any help on this topic would be appreciated as I could use it in my classes.

    • A Prologue article related to your topic (found by using the general search box at www.archives.gov

    I have just been reading a book about Sheldon Jackson, so I just did a search with his name in the subject line.  I found a prologue about Sheldon Jackson and Captain Healy.  The article talked about them trying to bring reindeer from Siberia to the area on a ship called The Bear to help alleviate the poverty and starvation of the local Alaska Natives. The prologue then went on to discuss Michael Healy’s life in much greater detail.

    I thought I would do a search for a great uncle of mine who was killed in WWII, Erwin Ulmer. I didn’t find is name in any online holdings, but did find a document - applications for headstones from 1925-1963 and found his name in the list of applications. Not all of the applications are available online, but I was really amazed at what I found and thought it was really special that I found his name. I can’t wait to tell my grandmother (his sister).


    Wow, this site is addicting! I started by looking at the picture of the marine on the home page, and then just kept clicking on more and more things! I was most enamored by a photograph of a young bride in 1942. Her wedding dress, vail, and hair all look exactly like my grandmothers, who was married a few years after that. It was shocking how similar they were.

    This is another addicting website. I was looking up World War II and Pearl Harbor and found SO many videos! The videos announcing the war coming to American were very interesting. What a frightening time that must have ben for so many. 


    1)    I have Japanese Internment and here was the closest Prologue article (a good one) named: Digging Deep at the National Archives
Film, Still Pictures Holdings Were Major Resource for Ken Burns's World War II Documentary

    I think the coolest fact is that 20% of all film footage at the National Archives has to do with World War II.  I also was inspired to see the person say that access to the Archives is one of the privileges of being an American.


    2)    Manzanar Relocation Center, Manzanar, California. Jack Toyo, former owner of a cleaning and dying works in Hollywood, California, now works in the pressing department in the garment factory. He is shown putting the finishing touches on caps for the firemen. These caps were all made by evacuee workers in the garment factory at this War Relocation Authority Center for evacuees of Japanese ancestry.


    This is a picture I came to when I went to http://www.archives.gov/research/search/ and posted Japanese Internment World War II.  I looked around all over the results.


    3)    My document www.digitalvaults.org from was called Unaimous! And about how George Washington was the only President ever to be elected with a unanimous vote in April of 1789.  Very cool document.  This was a place I could play in all day.

    4)      I checked out www.youtube.com/user/usnationalarchives/  & found New Films of US Victory in the Marshall Islands – 1944  This was very cool for me because my dad was stationed her in World War II in the Army Air Corps.  He was a carpenter.  After this and a little research my educated guess is that he was stationed on Kwajalein Atol.  I am very excited about this!!!!


    5)   All of these sites would be great for a history nerd like me, but I would have to have a lot of time of my hands

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