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Lesson 3 Discussion

1.  This is where you post your creative illustration of the National Archives organization system.  Please have fun with this! 


2.  Also, you need to write a citation for the following document and send it to me at carol.buswell@nara.gov

  • Let's pretend you walked into the National Archives in Washington DC.  You tell them you want to hold the records for the purchase of Alaska in your hands.
  • The archivist hands you a finding aid entitled "Record Group 217: Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, 1775-1978."
  • You find several sub-headings in the finding aid, including one called "Notes, Coupon, Currency, and Files Division. (ca. 1797 - ca. 1921) "[hint ... this is not geographic, but it IS a subdivision of the agency]
  • Under this sub-heading is a list of SERIES something like the ones you saw in the National Archives at Anchorage series list.  One is a series titled  Warrants, compiled 03/1801 - 12/1921 
  • The archivist happens to have list of boxes and their contents for this particular series.  On the list you find the ITEM you are looking for, "Treasury Warrant in the Amount of $7.2 Million for the Purchase of Alaska, 08/01/1868."
  • You fill out a form and wait a little while for the archivist to bring you the box in question.  You look through the box and find the warrant.

Treasury Warrant in the Amount of $7.2 Million for the Purchase of Alaska, 08/01/1868

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  • I used the Alaska/Russian theme for mine. Hope it's okay to use an image I found online.

    Lesson 3 Austin .pdf

  • This is how I always explain it.

    Red Crayon Series.doc

  • Okay - here it is. I also made mine in Word as I don't think anyone wants to see any of my drawings by hand.  It makes sense in my head so hopefully it makes sense to others!

    Sarah Archives Chart (Repaired).docx

  • Since I have no artistic ability I created my illustration using Word.

    Lesson 3 Org Archives.docx

  • HERE IS A SAMPLE ILLUSTRATION.  You make something else that essentially illustrates the same thing.  OK?


    Circle Diagram.png

  • I don't know this but I am probably an archivist nerd at heart.  There is a lot of euphoria involved when you find something that you are looking for.  But, if you are looking for something and cannot find it there is disappointment.  On my recent trip to California I tried searching for my great grandmother's grave.  I was led to Holy Cross Cemetery in Menlo Park, California just north of Stanford University.  There was no place where the graves were documented.  I spent about three hours looking in this small cemetery to no avail.  I'm now in contact with older family members to see if they told me the wrong place.  The reason I suspect is because they had my grandparents supposedly buried there also, but they are definitely buried in Holy Cross in Colma, Cailfornia.


    I have a pretty rich family history on both sides.

  • I was lucky enough to accompany a group of students from Bartlett HS to the Inauguration of President Obama in 2009.  When I agreed to do the trip I had no idea of the significance of the election historically.  One of the coolest things we got to do was go through the National Archives. 


    I loved seeing the Declaration of Independence & The Constitution.  My one regret is that we were hurried through all of the exhibits in Washington DC and couldn't spend a lot of time there at the National Archives.  I do think I saw and Archive related to the Purchase of Alaska, but cannot be sure. 


    I will return to DC sometime and take my time going through these places.

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