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  • Here goes my project.


  • When this presentation is given in August, about 50% of the scheduled time will be used sharing my desktop and giving a guided tour of the websites featured in the  Analyzing Primary Sources and the Finding Primary Sources sections.

    Thank you Carol and Robyn for offering this course, and guiding us so patiently.  I appreciate the effort it took...

    Happy Trails,


    T&L with NARA.pptx

  • I believe I have it now.  I had to delete the video but do recommend watching it.  I put the link in the slides.  I have enjoyed this class.  There are many things I can use in the classroom as well as for my own personal exploration.  Thank you for everything.  Cindy

    Worley Research 1.pptx

  • Hi Carol!  I am really happy that I got myself caught up.  Once I dug into the sources, and was not so intimidated by the arcane archiving system (Now it all makes sense!), it really opened up some new avenues.  I am teaching AP US History next year and super excited to work with Docsteach and History Day next year.  Cheers.


  • I dropped my YouTube video to make it under the size limit. Looking forward to using this more.

    Blalock-Final project.pptx

  • I hope this is what you are looking for. I sure learned a lot in this class- thank you for that!


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