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My Integration Plan

I plan to share what I have learned with my colleagues. I also plan to use the technology on my 2012 intensive to Canada. My plan is to take an intensive that I lead to the McCarthy area a couple of years ago and imbed some text and pictures and some “fly to” stuff to highlight the trip. Then I will present this at a staff meeting along with Ken and the work he is doing for the intensive he lead to Utah. For the 2012 trip to Canada I plan to have kids put one together. Imbedded with video, text, and photos.


The purpose of this as I see it is twofold. Over the many years I have been working at Steller the competition for students has become greater. When I started here there were very few alternatives for students and how they received their education. Now there are many outlets, school within a school is growing in the district when East had been the only model, the seminar programs are also growing in the district, and all the charter schools. With that said I see this platform as a way to highlight some of the things that make Steller different. One of those is the Intensive. Granted we are not the only school that has intensives, but I still see it as a factor that sets our school apart from many others and believe that this platform would give kids a creative way of showing what happened on an intensive to others. The other reason I want to do this is to open up this technology to my colleagues and students to get a wider group of people using it as a platform for some of their projects.


There are some difficulties I foresee in accomplishing the task of integrating this into the intensive for we will be busy with many other activities, and that is building in enough time to prepare students to be able to perform the task. I will have to look for ways to prepare the students either in my own time or in some kind of after school program designed to give them enough practice with the technology to put together a good presentation. The sooner I can identify the group of kids that will be joining me for this great adventure the better my chances are. I am putting out feelers, so to speak, now to locate my group. That way I can start working this year on some of them to bring them along.


I also have Ken to help me. I am sure that he will be able to use the technology in his social studies and history classes and if he gets the kids on to some of this it should spill over into what I have planned.


I hope that I have been clear on my plans and for further clarification I would be happy to send you my Google earth presentation on the McCarthy trip. I believe that Ken is also planning on sending the one he is putting together to you as part of our integration plan.

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