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Geospatial Technology class was very interesting and useful for me. I learned a lot of new concepts and skills in using the geospatial tools as GIS, Google Earth and GPS. I enjoyed all our hands-on activities on practicing these tools in our projects. All the activities were very engaging. I am looking forward to continuing mustering my skills and creating lesson plans with integrating geospatial technology tools into Social Studies and Language Arts.

I already started integrate the geospatial technology and the results are excellent even we are still working on the beginning level of the projects. My 3rd grade students absolutely love the lessons.

 Thank you very much for the great class!

The sample of the first lessons is attached.

Geospatial class: lesson plan.pages


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  • I found Geospatial Technology class very interesting and very useful for my Social Studies lessons. I already tried doing some activities in Google Earth with my students. They think it was "pretty cool". I hope we have more classes like this in the future. 

    Thank you for the class. 

    Attached you will find a copy of lesson plans. 

    Anna Walker

    Geospatial Technology - Walker:Ashkraft.docx

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