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Please take a few minutes and introduce yourselves to your instructors and your fellow participants. 

We'd like to know your name, what and where you teach, what interested you in this course or topic, and something about yourself that will help us make a connection or remember you better. 


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  • ¡Hola! My name is Sarah Jansen and I am the seventh grade Spanish Immersion teacher at Romig. I loved the course last semester and I hope to find more things to incorporate into my Social Studies classes.

  • Hello- My name is Traver Pierson.  I teach social studies at AVAIL Alternative High School. My kids have many questions regarding their constitutional rights. I would like to be better equipped to answer their questions and thought this class would help strengthen my content knowledge. I have taken several ANUAH classes and have been impressed with the quality of instruction and have enjoyed learning from teachers in different backgrounds.   I enjoy the outdoors and spend my summers in Fairbanks.

  • I'm Michelle Bowzer.  I teach 6th grade at Rogers Park.  I am interested in this course because it fits right into the 6th grade social studies curriculum.  I love history and was a history major in college.  I moved up here from Washington State for my job and now love Alaska (even when the weather can't make up it's mind as to what season it is). 

  • Hello! My name is Sarah Kimball and I teach Kindergarten at Baxter Elementary. I became interested in taking this class last semester when I took Voting and the Constitution, also taught by Mara and Kimberly. I love current events, history and learning so every now and then I will take a class just for me, even if it is not directly connected to what I teach. See you tomorrow!

  • Hi folks, My name is Dona Helmer and I am the librarian at College Gate Elementary.  I have a BS and MA in history. I took some ANUAH classes last summer and found them very helpful.  I love learning more about any topic related to history so that I can do a better job helping the teachers and kids in my building (and so I can be a more competitive Trivia player on cruise ships!)  I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday and having some great discussions.    

  • Hi - My name is Jenni Cessar and I teach 4th grade in the Spanish Immersion Program at Government Hill.  I teach the English section and my coworker Patricia(see her post above) encouraged me to take this class.  It has been a couple years since I have taken a class and this seemed like a great way to get back to learning!  Like Dave, I am a football fan - however, I will be cheering for the Broncos and will be recording the game while at class!  My family and friends are under strict orders to not send any texts that will let me know the outcome :)

    I look forward to a great class and will see you on Saturday.  Also, I will be 15-20 minutes late(emailed Mara already) it is my 9 month olds check up at the doctor.

  • Howdy!  My name is MaryLee Tung.  I teach 6th grade at Sand Lake.  I had a great time in the "Voting and the Constitution" class, so I didn't want to miss this one.  What I love most about the ANUAH classes I've taken is the passion for history and teaching that everyone brings.  I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's take on material because it always generates great discussion and ideas for teaching.  

    A newborn in the class --I'll try my best to pay attention.  Mara and Kimberly are going to really have to be on their game to beat out that baby!  :-)

  • Good Afternoon, my name is Jeanette, I teach 6th grade at Willow Crest Elementary. I had been following the debates surrounding Planned Parenthood and Women's Rights during this last presidential campaign, so when I saw this class, the title piqued my interest. :) I also love history and learning!

    I doubt it will be fully healed by Saturday, so I'll just put this out there: the big scratch on my face is not from a knife fight, a snow machine accident, or plastic surgery gone wrong, but rather a "love" scratch from my faithful 4-legged companion, Maggie. She tried to jump on the bed Sunday morning and ended up using my face as her landing pad. It is starting to look better, but still stands out and might look scary to people who don't know me. 

  • Hola Stephanie, Kimberly y Mara, mi nombre es Anaely León-Hernández I teach at Romig Middle School 8th grade Social Studies and Spanish Immersion. Estoy muy contenta de estar en su clase de nuevo. I am interested in this course to understand how gender equality is maintained in the Constitution, political parties, and how it provides a basic requirement to respect and promote gender equality in the United States. Thank you for teaching on a Saturday- a good excuse to not do laundry!

  • Hi! I'm Lisa Healow and I teach/have taught US and World History and Alaska Studies at South. I greatly enjoyed Mara and Kimberly's class last semester and am very interested in how interpretation of the Constitution varies according to gender. I just had a baby December 18, so he will be joining us for the first session this Saturday!
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